A place to be

There are many different places i want to go to, but im going to pick an easy one. Its not the Carribean Islands, or Hollywood, or any place like that…but its simply just in a sports complex. Thats right, a sports complex. I want to be in a huge, enourmous, gigantic indoor; dome i guess, where theres so many things do do there. The grounds turf and the space available to play football, baseball, and other games we can play with my friends would be sick.

One Wish

If i were to wish for one thing for someone else, then i would easily wish for someone that made a mistake in the past that they now regret doing, to go back in time and change that or prevent that from happening. Someone could have not done something in the past that they should have done. Someone could have done something that they shouldnt have that got them in the position they are in now, or, someone might have made a mistake by accident that they now want to change because it would make their lives easier and better.

My inaugoration speech

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I couldnt have made it here without America beside there with me cheering me on. From other capitals to small villages, America is a friend of every nation. We give peace and comfort to all. Today I say that the tough, and many challenges we face will become easier and will be completed. Homes, jobs, and opportunities are being taken away with the economy weakening, but we are preparing the nation for a new age. To those people who give us pain and trouble to us innocent Americans, we stand here today to say that we are srtonger and we can, and we will defeat you with all arms against you.

Change in the world

If i were to change the world, I would change Global Warming.  In order to do this, me and the people of the world would have to recycle more.  That would be the number one thing that we would have to improve in.  You could recycle more items than you think. People dont relize what they are doing to the world and what they can do if they recycle.

New Years Resolution

My new years resolution is always the same. Its to be more sucessful in sports than last year. I am a good athlete but you can never be perfect. If perfect is 100 percent than i want to be 99. I will try my hardest to reach my goals. I have lots of fun with my friends in sports and that plays a big part of what keeps me going. Teamates and coaches push me and encourage me in baseball basketball and football. To be more sucessful this year than i would want to try to be the best.

Deep Thought

One deep thought that has an opinion answer is… What does Hanpicap mean to you?
This gives you some time to really think about what it means considering it could mean alot. Can handicap mean an injury or a meantal problem? What about if its just in your mind that you think you have something wrong with you? Can that be handicap? What do you think?

Handicap – n,v- a physical or mental disability making participation in certain of the usual activities of daily living more difficult.