A Real Hero

Who would you consider a real hero?      I don’t think that anyone can be a hero.  People say that if somebody saves someone or risks their life to save someone else’s life or save something of theirs or even save something that’s important in real life or to someone.  But i say that when a person saves something that its their job to save it, and if its your job, and you save it then your not a hero because you were supposed to save it.

more or less domocratic?

Should the United States be more or less democratic?   This is a tough question because it balances either way.  I have to say that the U.S. shouldnt become more or less domocratic.  Yes there has been some difficulties getting by sometimes but the government has been doing well on its own just the way they have been doing it.  They dont need to be more or less domecratic because that will probably just mess them up.

Trail of Tears Story

My character is the women on the right with the kid on the horse.


It has been almost 2 weeks I think, headed to new land up west more from Mississippi.  It has been hard for my children and me.  This all started when men angrily barged in our home and held my father Elijah at gun point and abducted him.  I got very scared and frustrated with the actions of these men. I didn’t know what was going to happen next.  I was going to act back violently but the men took our rifle.  That left us here on this trail heading for new land in the U.S. 

After talking over with some of the other angry people, I have learned that this has something to do with Andrew Jackson.  Whoever he is, I don’t like him and I don’t know why he is making our lives miserable.

We are behind in the pack now because we had took some time to pray for my sister who had collapsed in front of us and has past away of dehydration and hunger considering we had come from the south of Mississippi and are almost at are destination near Oklahoma.  Lots of people have died from fatigue or hunger.  Because of this delay, I was unable to catch the boats near the Mississippi and Arkansas border.  I was very sorry to my kids for not getting on the boats for it could have saved us time, and exhaustion.  Now, instead, we have to keep on following the land route to our new land.  I am still confused on why we were forced out of our homes, and are now struggling to survive on this trail.  I don’t know why… (Cough, cough, cough)  O, you’ll have to excuse me, the coughing of the blood happens once in a while.  I try to prevent it because I have nothing in my body to keep me strong.  I see people dying in front of me dying from starvation, and I don’t want this to happen to me.

      My older child did a very good job holding his own, and also helping out my younger one for I could not pay attention to him because I was to busy helping out the others who needed it more.  Now, I have to pay attention to my youngest because Tahoe is in a better place than we are now.  A place where we would all rather be.  But luck is finally coming to our side.  The rain is coming down harder.  Actually, I don’t know if it’s the rain, or everyone’s tears.  The Trail of Tears. 

The most dangerous question I can ask

This question was a hard one to answer.  I didn’t know at first but when I thought about it, i said it doesn’t have to be an actual question.  The most dangerous question you can ask is when your in front of your friends, maybe even in class, and you ask a question that embarrasses you or around the lines of that.  For example, say if your in class and you have a question that has already been answered, but you weren’t paying attention and you didn’t know that, and you ask it.  You look like a fool in front of everyone.

Another example is…say your in class and your going over material that you don’t get but it seems like everyone else does with ease, and the teacher asks if there are any questions, and you have a lot because you don’t get it, but since your the only one who doesn’t, you don’t ask.  But on the next test on that material, you fail and everyone passed, and you look like a fool.

Electoral College

If the electoral college was abolished, and everyone directly elected the president, what should the qualification be to vote?

I would have a qualification because if you don’t have one, then your saying that its okay for babies to vote, or say a person who lost his mind.  I would have a qualification for people above the age of 15 that don’t have an issue with their life.  I would have this qualification because it would be better to have a perspective of a younger adult because they would vote on the president based on what would benefit from them because teens want things for themselves.  Older people would base their vote on what would be better for the world.  It would be interesting to see how much of a change there would be between the way we vote now and how my way of voting would be.

Name as a verb

If I were to have my name asa verb, it would probably be sports.  If someone said, “We are going to Sean today”, it would mean that they are going to play sports.  This shows my life.  It is chocked full of sports, and if my life consists of sports, I should have my name consist of sports.  Bottom line is… I LOVE SEAN!!!

To Define A Person

                   Do You Define A Person By Their Actoins Or Their Intentions????

This question went back and forth in my mind and was one of the most hardest decisions of my life.  I tried everything to try to make a decision.  I tried pros and cons and I thought that i had a final decision but then i found negatives about that choice and positives about the other choice.  Everything i tried, it seems like almost everything came back to Intentions.  I define a person by their intention because first of all, you dont have to make an action if you have an intention.  You can have an intention and not do it.  For an example: say if Nick wanted to beat up Joe.  Joe knows that he wants to fight him.  Nick says that hes going to beat up Joe but he doesnt.  Should Joe still hate Nick because he wanted to fight him, or should he not hate him just becasue he didnt fight him after all?  In this case, I think just because Nick said that he was going to fight him and didnt, doesnt mean that he still doesnt like him so i think Joe shouldnt like him either becasue, would you like someone that wanted to beat you up?


What Is Democracy?

What is Democracy?

     Democracy – a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

                                        Do Not Worry…I Dont Know What It Means Either?

I think democracy is simply a vote between a conflict.  I think its when there a two sides between a problem and the solution is taking a vote to see how many more people decide that one opinion is right or better.

Introducing myself

Playing sports are my passion.  Mainly baseball, basketball and football though.  I play a.a.u baseball and play travel basketball.  I travel everywhere around the state and New England for sports including Florida and South Carolina.  I have made tons of new friends playing sports and i love hanging out with them on my spare time.  When i hang out with them, we usually play football or basketball or something.

History Class

This weeks history class didnt have alot of talk related activities. It was mainly just to do our project on the kids wiki from Arkansas. There in science class and there doing electricity and how it works etc… Were doing the history of science. Our task in class was to go on to their wiki page and make a page for ourselves on there. Then we choose a question, like… Who was the most important inventor? what was the most important invention? or how do we use electricity through communication? When we have our question, we have to answer it by putting it into our page on their wiki. That is basically it for this weeks history class.